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General George Armstrong Custer became a northern hero as a result of his actions during the War Between the States, but his defeat at the Battle of the Little Big Horn transformed his legacy into legend. The Little Big Horn Associates is an organization for individuals who have a keen interest in studying the life and times of this hero who is considered, by some, to be an enigma. The organization is dedicated to seeking the truth about the man and the famous battle that led to his death at age 36.

The first Little Big Horn Associates Newsletter was published in January, 1967. Our current membership includes nationally known scholars such as Dr. Paul Hutton and Dr. Robert M. Utley in addition to many other published authors. Presently, there are nearly 800 members from every state in the USA and approximately six foreign countries.

General George A. Custer
Terry Jones Sculpture Web Site June 29, 1863 - two days before the Battle of Gettysburg General George A. Custer, appointed Brigadier General, appears as the well-dressed cavalier to take command of the Michigan Brigade.
Terry Jones Sculpture Web Site
YOU ARE INVITED to JOIN us and learn more about the days of Abraham Lincoln, William T. Sherman, Philip H. Sheridan, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Libbie Custer, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and many other famous personalities of this period. We welcome members with all viewpoints on Custer, the Civil War, and the settlement of the Great American West. end
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